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Religious pictures

In general:

Dreams bring the person in various regard back to truth about which he knows for a long time, or remind him of them. If spirituality is understood as an internal truth and religion as what connects the person again with the origin, then religious pictures serve to promote this recognising. The existence of religious pictures which can be adequate interpreted in no other manner underpins the supposition that spirituality like body and mind is an independent area in the life of the person.


If himself a person keeps the access to religious pictures in the awake state consciously or from contempt, dreams try to compensate this deficit and to call the needs of his soul again in the consciousness the dreaming. Single religious pictures in the dream can be interpreted as follows:
  • Buddha: His shape emphasises the need in the dream to realise the qualities of the being which Buddha taught. They connect the dreaming with the strength of renunciation and suffering and reveal him the sense of his existence.
  • Christ: If Christ appears in the dream, he stands for the knowledge that bodies and soul, person and God must be reconciled with each other. He embodies the comprehensive person, a state for which all people strive. Christ on the cross shows the rescue with the suffering. Christ is that part in the dreaming who is ready to undertake his portion in the sufferings of the world by work in the world. Anarchistic (desultory, lawless rioters) Christ is the part of the dreaming whose love and desire in the life allow to him to break through all known borders. Cosmic Christ is the part which is ready to take over cosmic responsibility that tells to be connected with the universal truth. Although these aspects are described here only in Christian concepts, they exist of course in all religious shapes.
  • the third eye: It symbolises the hellsichtige perception property which walks along with spiritual development. The third eye of the Buddha symbolises unity and balance.
  • Engel: In the spiritual sense the angel is a symbol for pure being and freely his of earthly compulsions. Angels are mostly sexless. If an angel appears in the dream, it is important for the dreaming to make a distinction between the personalised aspect higher and the angel's shape. Blacks fallen angels are supposedly those angel's beings which point on I or earthly passions which were not completely filed yet. If this picture appears in a dream, the dreaming is drawn the attention to a spiritual crossing which has often already taken place or of which one should take care. Sending a reminder angels normally have the job to dissuade the dreaming from an intention which would affect his life negatively.
  • the pinnate sun: The religious picture of the pinnate sun refers to the universe and the centre. One points to the fact that the dreaming himself is the centre of his universe and must take over the responsibility for this. To be able to master better this job, he is equipped with a special knowledge and an above-average perception property.
  • minds: They show independent forces inside which are to be seen separate by the will of the individual. It depends on the faith of the dreaming whether he understands minds as psychological or spiritual phenomena.
  • God: (See 'Christ',-'gods')
  • service: A service is the form of the God's admiration, the people brings together. In the dream he possibly serves as means, to integrate completely, and to the illustration for the fact that the bigger whole is more than the parts.
  • holy books: To call the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud, only in order some of them, symbolise comprehensive knowledge and become as a spring of the wisdom often visions.
  • sky: He stands for a being state in which the energy has a high oscillation that there is no more suffering. In the dream he appears if the dreaming transforms his consciousness in dimensions beyond the physical border. It should be a place at which Verzückung rules. He is also called nirvana or Samadhi.
  • holy communion: It is the symbol for that food which should refresh not the body, but the mind and the soul.
  • hell: It is a being state in which nothing is in such a way as it seems. The hell is a symbol for a life in which the person is caught in continual negative illusion. Hell is consequently continual death struggle (death pangs).
  • icon: It is the representation of a religious shape or a religious concept and can be revered even as a holy object.
  • initiation: An initiation (inauguration in a secret) or inauguration takes place if a border is crossed and the dreaming thereby receives access to other being states.
  • church: The church in all her architectural stamping as a chapel, temple or sanctum, is a sanctuary before the rigours of the everyday life. There every person, all the same, which of faith, in connection with God can step. In the dream the temple can also be a symbol for the body in which the soul lives.
  • church music: These sounds which are consecrated God can be means to extend the mind.
  • crucifixion: Crucifixion pictures in a dream hang together with the need of the person to sacrifice themselves by devotion and pain.
  • manna: Manna is the holy food for the soul and the connection of the person with the divine.
  • Maria, Mother's of God son: As the virgin as well as as the mother Maria has a very strong symbolic meaning. She embodies everything, what woman, and everything what is holy.
  • Moses: He appears in dreams every now and then the holy shape which would drive out the dreaming of difficulties.
  • mythical God / goddess: Every person has the possibility to realise his whole potential. Who gets involved in it, must argue sooner or later with spirituality and with it also with mythical God or gods.
  • devil: In the dream the devil stands for temptation. This often arises from the suppression of the sexual desire, the attention demands. The devil can also symbolise the shade of the dreaming.
  • incense: Incense is a victim for the gods and a physical form of the prayer by means of smell and smoke.
  • ceremony / ritual: They serve the raised perception which enters on the way of the spirituality. In dream ceremonies the pictures are even more alive.


If the dreaming can accept that every truth has her own perception and must return to the basic truth, all dreams from a spiritual view can be interpreted. This is valid in particular for religious pictures. (See also 'gods', 'statues')

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