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In general:

Horse riding points out to the fact that one should rein strength, energy or sexual needs more. Often one must consider, in addition, the animal on whom one rides with the interpretation.


If the dreaming rides in his dream, this one sexual meaning can have. In this picture the tamed, reined, controlled eroticism is shown. Besides, the behaviour of the horse is important: If one rides on a dream horse in quiet pace, one will be able to hold in the awake life his desires under control. If the horse gallops, however, stormily with us of it or goes through it even with us, reins should put in for us in our instinctual life more often sometimes. Beside the sexual the horse riding sometimes has the meaning of trip, however, also what can outline On and From on our life.



  • on a horse: by your skill you will finish a lot, - one will win with high-powered people in respect,
  • somebody on a horse: you get an urgent message,
  • on a donkey: you make yourself ridiculous,
  • on an elephant: you damage to you by bragging,
  • on a camel: one will force you to strange enterprises.

(European ones).:

  • interpretation see under 'horse' to understand usually mostly sexually - also: is valid for peculiarities, - also says that one is demanded too much in his business or office by loads,
  • ride: one must count on joyless, - often an illness,
  • occurs on this dream
  • slow horse riding: if an expression is for dissatisfied running shops,
  • quick horse riding: if an omen can be for quick wealth,
  • on a donkey: means undeserved mockery,
  • on an elephant: one will experience a nice adventure,
  • on a camel: one will go on a trip, - also: one will own a lot of perseverance and permanence if it is about the achievement of the aims,
  • on a cow or an ox: one does not know what one wants,
  • on a horse: one is futile and a little addicted to validity.


  • fall: Misfortune,
  • you will come to respect.
(See also under the single animal names, as well as 'rein', etc.)

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