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In general:

In the dream a difference can exist between luggage and luggage. Luggage shows in particular qualities and situations which promote the further development of the dreaming and emphasise his atmosphere of departure. Nevertheless, it can also consist of those habits and feelings which have helped the dreaming in the past, but now anew must be judged.


If luggage plays a role as a symbol in dreams, matters in such a way whether it belongs to the dreaming or another dream figure. If is ersteres the case, it symbolises those perceptions, settings and behaviour patterns which he has brought from the past. If the second possibility applies, the dreaming thinks under circumstances about the family or about a global draught which is not useful for him any more.


At the spiritual level luggage in the dream is a recollection of the dreaming not to load itself with unnecessary knowledge, after the motto: Who travels with light luggage, better comes to the aim.



  • esteem before thieves and swindlers.


  • see: Visit from outwards.

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