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Association: - Crossing of a way of life or behaviour pattern to another. Question: - Where am I on the move? Where want I to reach?

medicine wheel:

Key words: The way which is taken by the life, - a method, in order aims to achieve, - earth path, - connection with the earth. Horse: Primitively, - powerfully, - connected, - animal nature, - intensity, - feelings, - sexuality. Bicycle: Ecologically, - near the earth, - points own strength. Carriage: Speed, - separation of the earth, - horses using, - technology. Car: Speed, - technology, - separated, - that what everybody does, - control or controlling loss. Mass transport: Controlling loss, - part of the amount, - lack of individual direction and individual look. Description: Travelling tells to move from a place to another. General meaning: Dreams of the travelling can help you to understand where you stand now in your life and where you hinmöchtest. Your locomotion means state something about how you concern things in your life. The dream of the Zufußgehen means that you feel linked strongly with the earth and with your own way. Indicates to dream of the bicycle driving that you still feel a strong connection with the earth, but also has the need to serve you of technological achievements to achieve your aim faster. To dream of a carriage journey removes you 1 step farther from the earth attachment and maybe also from your way. She indicates an even bigger need for speed. Tells to dream of a drive that you regard yourself very strongly as a member of the modern society and that you have it in all things more or less in a great hurry. Such a dream points to a lack of connection with the earth. If you dream that you go in a car which is steered by another person, this says you that you have lost more or less the control of your life. The dream of a bus ride, train journey or boat trip or with another terrestrial mass means of transportation indicates that you your life really does not control any more. He shows that someone else brings you where you must go, and says you how you can reach to this place. Such dreams can also point out to a serious lack of connection with the mother earth and your own holy path. Indicates to dream of a trip in the airplane that you would like to achieve an aim as fast as possible. Because also an airplane is a mass means of transportation, this can be called that you have lost the control concerning this special aim. A dream of a flight also contains the aviation. To fly must not necessarily point to a lack of earth attachment. Pay attention to whether you dedicate your attention in the dream to that what is under you and round you. Such a dream can sometimes get you a better overview about your connection with earth. Tells to dream of the travelling that you prepare for it or are about to take another position within the medicine wheel. It is important to pay attention to the details of such a dream, because they can give instructions to to you where you have been up to now and where within the medicine wheel you start moving now. If you had, for example, a dream in which raspberries seemed, then this can indicate at the fact that you move towards the sturgeon position. Or if you had a dream in which you sit in the train and perceive in your wrist a copper bracelet, then this could register that your aim is the queue position. Association: Vacation. Transcendent meaning: Understand of your aims and what you do to reach them.

In general:

The trip in the dream always deals with a change of the mental position, with Where of our life trip. Here stations are stated in which we would like to stay, but also the road wish of a certain place by new plans and duties or the wish to rid itself of a responsibility is indicated. The exact meaning can be recognised only individually from the living conditions. Now and again the trip also requests to the investigation of own personality. A trip in the dream is a very strong picture. Whenever this appears, the kind is demanded as the dreaming forms his everyday life and in which manner he makes progress. Every step, which the person on the road to a bigger understanding of itself and the world in which he lives makes, is component of the big trip of the life. Also the dreams express night for night steps on this way. In the normal everyday conversation one falls back on phrases to describe On and from the life, the shutdown, the obstacles, the aim and so forth. To most turn dreams which have the trip of the life on the subject, around Here and Now and give snapshots of the events of certain moments against. Pictures from the past or recognizeable scenarios help the dreaming to understand the events properly and to find the right way.


The following single aspects of a trip can find consideration in the dream interpretation:
  • departure: The departure, possibly from an airport or a railway station, was interpreted in older dream interpretations always than death. Today the symbol seems to point rather to a new beginning. The dreaming leaves behind the old life to undertake something new. If a person who belongs to his life leaves him, he maybe dreams of the fact that somebody departs, and he experienced in the dream the sadness which releases this. If the dreaming is hindered in the departure, this shows that he has not brought begun duties yet to an end. If in the dream the exact time of the departure is emphasised, a certain term becomes conscious by the dreaming with it concerning any life fact.
  • motoring: The motoring plays in the dream as a symbol an especially important role: It shows the basic needs and wishes of the person. If the dreaming sits behind the controls, he has the control. If he is unhappy because another person goes, then he does not trust this person maybe enough or does not want to make himself from him dependent. If the dreaming is overtaken, this his passiveness foreshadows. If he overtakes the vehicle before himself, this shows his success which he has achieved, nevertheless, possibly only on account of a distinctive competition position. If the dreaming is overtaken, he feels by the efficiency of another person excelled. The dream of the motoring reflects as the dreaming behaves in the everyday life. His desires, aggressions, fears, doubts and his social behaviour are shown with the motoring.
  • front seat passenger: If the dreaming is the front seat passenger, this clarifies that he can be done by the circumstances and has thought not really about how he wants to continue. If he takes a front seat passenger in his car, he has taken over voluntarily or involuntarily responsibility for other people.
  • obstacles: Has of the dreaming obstacles before himself, then he is aware of the difficulties which could still appear. The dreaming must make clear himself that he himself creates his problems and that they probably deal something with his setting. Over and over again stop and drive off: This points to a conflict between laziness and impulse.
  • engine: He shows the sexual desires and the basic motives of the dreaming.
  • finish trip: If of the dreaming in his dream a trip has finished - again at home it comes, by the airplane lands and immediately, this shows that he has arrived successfully in his aim.
  • destination: If it appears in the dream, this can refer to certain images of the dreaming with regard to his aims. As well as also internal motives can differ from the external behaviour, deliberate hopes and ideals must not necessarily also agree with him what the dreaming at the unaware level wants. Dreams emphasise such contradictoriness. Often the dreaming recognises his aims only exactly when he meets on the way to them the first obstacles and challenges.
  • difficult trip: If the dreaming has a difficult trip just behind himself, the difficulties and impediments from the past are mastered.
  • street: In the dream the street shows the individual way of the dreaming and his action manner. An obstacle on the street shows difficulties on the way. Curves refer to direction changes. Crossroads offer options, and a dead end shows that the dreaming has also got with his life in a dead end. If a certain distance is emphasised, this maybe refers to a certain strain or time span. If the street leads uphill, drudgery is in the play, it leads downhill, missing control is meant.
  • bend around the corner: If he bends around the corner, he has accepted that he must change the direction. If he has prevented in the dream an accident, this shows that the dreaming can control his impulses.
  • traffic rope: He shows that the dreaming stops himself from getting on. Possibly it can be more sensible in such a situation to interrupt the trip provisionally.
  • traffic accidents and traffic offences: Both could stand with the sexuality or the self-image of the dreaming in connection. Maybe he does not pay attention carefully enough to behave properly. A street running symbolises feelings which the dreaming does not have under control.
  • collision: He shows set-tos and conflicts which are often caused by own aggression.

The kind of the means of transportation can refer to how the dreaming moves by the single periods of life. The vehicle which the dreaming helps himself in his dream makes as a rule an important declaration about his personality and/or his self-image. The following vehicles can play a role in dreams and allow to correspond itself indicate:

  • car: The car symbolises the dreaming. Besides, it must not concern compelling a passenger car, - the dreaming can feel well represented also by another carriage, like a carriage. Moreover, the car stands for the body and draws the attention of the dreaming therefore to specific difficulties. If for example, the engine properly does not function, the dreaming does not have enough energy to continue. If the ignition does not function, needs to the dreaming support to begin with a certain plan. The Hinterreifen can refer to the bottom and the sexuality of the dreaming, the steering wheel can symbolise as he controls his life, and so forth. If the brakes do not function, the dreaming does not have enough control of his life. If too many people are in the car, this shows that he feels overloaded by responsibility.
  • road: A train illustrates the social behaviour of the dreaming, his relations with other people, and shows his setting to itself, a train by a steam engine refers to the fact that he feels old-fashioned and old, - however, a modern electric high-speed train can signal youthfulness and efficiency. A train indicates to get that the dreaming was able successfully to bring the external circumstances with himself in harmony and to achieve, hence, a certain aim. A train tells to miss to have no more resources to be really successful. The dreaming has forgotten either an important detail, or he was not careful enough. Now he fears to have missed a chance. To rise before the destination from the train, the fear of the dreaming of his own success explains. The dream symbol can also symbolise a premature ejaculation. The dreaming does not have himself apparently enough under control. If he leaves the train again, before he has driven off, this shows that the dreaming has found the second, better solution for a problem still on time enough. Railroad tracks have the meaning of ways which lead the dreaming to his regulation. Jumping the track a train is a tip to immoderate actions. If the dreaming stays against his will in the train, he falls under influence under external circumstances too strongly. If the train with the dreaming drives in a railway station, this refers to the fact that he has concluded this phase of his life trip. Maybe he is ready to enter a new respect with the world in general. The cargo in a train can show the different segments of the life and also as the dreaming stands to them. If the cargo is in bad state or dirtily, is aware to the dreaming that he must fix something else in his life.
  • coach: By the coach trip in the dream the dreaming of the wish is aware that he travel and, besides, with other people being together would want. Maybe he has in common with them the aim. Annoyance with timetables to miss so the coach, to come too early or not to get a connection shows that the dreaming does not control his life and should plan maybe anew what and how he wants to continue in his life. To sit in the wrong coach or to go in the wrong direction, makes to the dreaming his contradicting wishes deliberate and requires from to him to follow his intuition. This is ordinarily a warning before wrong actions. If the money does not reach to the dreaming to pay his ticket, then he lacks for a certain plan the necessary resources, - maybe he has not simply considered the details thoroughly enough.
  • bicycle: If the dreaming rides a bike, appears in it the need to give attention to personal efforts and motives. At the psychological level the dreaming maybe searches freedom without responsibility, because a bicycle refers to youth and maybe also to the first thrilling becoming conscious of the sexuality.
  • airplane: An airplane refers to a quick, pleasant trip to whose details the dreaming must pay attention. Maybe he begins a new sexual respect. The pilot is the romanticised picture either the Animus or himself.
  • walking: If the dreaming must walk in his dream, this shows as a rule that he is able to master this part of his trip independently and without help. A walk serves as an energetic loading and, besides, supports the dreaming to get the head clear.
  • truck: The meaning of the truck in the dream resembles that of the car. Only the desires and attempts are connected with the truck stronger with the work of the dreaming and with the kind, as he refers to the work. This is the basis for how he steps to the world in general in respect.
  • motorcycle: It is the symbol of male youth and boldness. In the dream it symbolises independent behaviour and often also the sexual act. It can also be the graphic expression for freedom. A member of a motorcycle gang refers to anarchistic behaviour.
  • ship: The interpretation depends on the type of the ship or boat in the dream. A small oar boat refers to an emotional trip which one undertakes, nevertheless, alone. A yacht can show a similar, nevertheless more elegant trip. A big ship points to the fact that the dreaming wants to reach new horizons together with other people. A ferry is a symbol of the death. It shows the giving up of egoistic wishes. Then the dreaming maybe reincarnates in a better life or in a better life-style. How the ship or boat moves in the dream, is significant in view of the life of the dreaming. Maybe it runs aground, in a harbour one, a bay cruises and so forth. A long ship trip refers to the fact that of the dreaming family and friends leaves, simply runs away and to the sea goes. From board go signalled the end of a plan, independently, whether from success crowned or not. To miss the ship a tip is to the fact that the dreaming does not look at the details of a project in the awake state exactly enough.


At the spiritual level the trip in the dream shows the life of the dreaming or a segment from it.



  • make: your experiences will not satisfy you, - one will find out a news which provides for excitement, -
  • make business trip: you will get a position beyond the residence, -
  • make a disagreeable one: one will soon have to separate from dear people.


  • This sign depends very much on the fact which other tips appear in the same dream. In general, however, it contains the change to the better and a profit in experiences, indeed, only after got over dangers. An important news which brings some changes with itself probably arises during the next days. Hence, it is a matter, of being adaptable and of coming at the requirements of the situation. (Woman

(European ones).:

  • the life should be continued on new base, - It will stamp in an important change in the life which good will mean for one. The further the trip goes, the change is the greater. also: if mean talents and abilities, - overcoming obstacles, -
  • on one go: meant profit or disappointments, depending on whether the trip pleasantly and is successful or is connected with accidents and bad luck, -
  • make one: points to varying friendship, - a quick change in the life, possibly a separation of dear-become people and habits, -
  • make to a wide-distant aim, in very short time: one will fast do a work or an order unexpectedly and be paid well for it, -
  • go on a catastrophic trip: if incompetence and bad luck promises in the love, -
  • one sees
  • his friends going away: stands for a happy event and better friends than one has had up to now, -
  • the friends with sad mood go away: one will not see again them for longer time, -
  • travellers see: one will soon go away himself, or get visit from outside.


  • big ones make: you will see again distant friends, -
  • on foot: Deferment of an important thing, -
  • with carriage: remaining luck, -
  • in society: you are applauded.
(See also car, railway station, distance, aviation, airplane, canoe, map, travellers, ship, etc.)

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