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School leaving exam

medicine wheel:

Key words: Experience, - respect, - apprenticeships, - curing, - Lead. Description: White frost tells to be, arise or completely to be developed. In nature-loving societies the maturity was a time in which a person bore big responsibility and was brought to him so a lot of respect. Because a ripe person owned the gift of the experience, the honour was given him to teach the younger, while these supported the old people. The maturity was a time of the Führens, Lehrens and curing. General meaning: A dream of that what you can be if you are completely developed - your own maturity perceive, - have a look at your state controlled to the perfection. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A revelation of that where you your vision can carry.


If one must take the school-leaving exam which one has passed long ago in the dream once again, means the conversion of own personality to another life form, the mental change of the own I. Who does not pass the school leaving exam in the dream, possibly has fear of changes which he does not believe to be able to take, or he defends himself against innovations because he would like to continue in the old trot.



  • excitement and annoyance.
(See also 'check')

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