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Association: - Cushions, - catching of pushes. Question: - Where in my life I must pave to me the way?

In general:

To indicate alike like circle and wheel. Who hits a tyre around a barrel, a new respect can go back or find a circle of new friends.


The tyre is that what furthers us and what turns in our life. If the tyre is flat, we lack the energy, the air and/or the ground to make headway on our life. Are you flat? Has the 'air' gone out to you? The spare is the energy which we do not use to make progress. He also symbolises our energy reservoir.


A tyre float meant, one is subjected to strains from which to the dreaming a use will originate.



  • of wood or iron see or have: a durable connection,
  • see hitting around a barrel: the connections which you can tie on will be useful to you a lot,
  • put in: what you undertake, is missed,
  • a burstting tyre: confidential hopes will not come true in the next future,
  • around barrels: you will embrace somebody loves,
  • play with it: one will be soon enthusiastic about a certain thing which does not correspond to the real interests, but opens new ways,
  • child tyre: one longs to return in the carefree plays of the childhood,
  • hit: you will together be with children.

(European ones).:

  • one should maintain new connections, - promises high-powered friendship, - many friends will get advice from one,
  • besides,
  • jump by one or other to see: promises disheartening views, - however, by a determining victory one will be able to turn the sheet,
  • child tyres see: Longing for carefree plays in the childhood.


  • strike in a barrel: you tie on new connections,
  • hit: you take pleasure in an easy pleasure.
(See also wheel)

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