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Association: - Value, - security. Question: - What do I want or do I fear to own?

In general:

Tells to dream of wealth that the dreaming owns this richly what he needs. Maybe a very strenuous life phase lies behind him in which he had to take care very much of something. Now, however, his new wealth shows him that he has achieved his aim. Wealth also refers to the striving for material possession or power and influence there, - at the same time the symbol warns about the speculations which can endanger all that.


Wealth and respect are normally tied together closely with each other. If the dreaming has problems with his respect, it can be that a dream of wealth acts. Often, however, the dream symbol also refers to available own resources or to the other people on whom the dreaming can fall back. He has the ability to scoop from his experiences and feelings and to reach a lot, hence, in his life.


A 'rich' spiritual knowledge waits to be acquired. Dreamt wealth points to the fact that it is in reach of the dreaming.


(European ones).:

  • or dream that one is rich and independent: shows the way which one should smash to achieve his aim,
  • dispose of wealth: one is recompensed for his untiring application and the care which one allows to prevail in the matters with a high position.


  • enjoy: perilous speculation.
(See also money)

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