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Roe deer

In general:

Roe deer embodies that softy, meek, vulnerable side of the personality which strives for harmony, love and luck. The following accompanying circumstances can be important for the exact interpretation:
  • roe deer see admonished not to destroy the luck by own guilt.
  • roe deer shoot a disappointment announces in the love.
  • tame roe deer should promise after old dream books Family luck with children.
  • roast venison prepare or eat stands for profits what often refers to personal connections.


The roe deer is in natura very shy animals, therefore, it seems in the Traumsprache as a picture for shyness, gentleness, vulnerability and delicacy. The roe deer often points in the dream to the feeling-stressed side of the female sexuality. The roe deer warns the dreaming, however, also about too big vulnerability and to strong distance of the reality on account of romantic romances. The shy forest animal comes out only about evening of his hiding place to feed, - maybe it is translated with him, the mental wishes awake to file our shyness of others and to go out from us. Roe deer are often also disguised bearers of good things which flee, however, like delusive luck so fast, as they have come, from them. The roebuck should warn since time immemorial here about hasty decisions (he puts up his eavesdroppers if danger is in the delay). And who goes in the dream on the roe deer hunt and does not hit, should watch out in the awake life for mindless statements.



  • several see: happy sign for family, - happy days in pleasant society spend, - perhaps, an inheritance,
  • fleeing ones: To understand as a warning, friends or friends by his behaviour do not offend. Otherwise, one could experience estrangement.
  • go hunting: an innocent pursue.

(European ones).:

  • see one outside: one should not scare away his luck by a clumsiness, - good shops promise, - deep and pure friendship and married promises to young people a harmonious marriage,
  • see a tame one: Filial love, - one will experience joy by children,
  • tame roe deer see: one will soon have a friendly meeting,
  • fleeing ones: one should offend his friends and friends not by his behaviour, otherwise, they could flee,
  • shoot one on the hunt or kill: a love relationship is clouded by big grief, - are pursued by enemies,
  • to businessmen forecasts a hunt on roe deer the failure of her plans,
  • dead see in the game action: promises material success.


  • see: you will come to luck and prosperity,
  • close: you will commit a mindless action,
  • see hopping: pleasant society.
  • roast venison: you will receive high guests.
(See also deer, deer hunt, hunt, roebuck, animals)

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