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Rain piper

medicine wheel:

Key words: Guard, - sign guard, - protecting, - deceptively. Description: In the United States the rain piper, in particular the shout rain piper (Charadrius vociferus) is called after his call "Killdeer". His vowel repertoire exists of trills and several other sounds. On sea shores and riversides living bird builds his nests on the ground. It means that the rain piper can simulate a broken wing to deflect any attackers of his nest and his boys. That's why trunks close to the earth respect the rain piper as a guard and good protector of future generations. General meaning: A part of you which would pull the wool over the eyes of others to protect your children or the child in you, - an aspect of itself which is on the alert always. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A guard's mind who protects your dreams and your dream work, - a sign guard between your awake consciousness and your dream consciousness.

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