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Association: - Promise, - visible blessing. Question: - What does courage make to me? Where do I expect to find the luck?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Holy, - blessing, - Verjüngung, - nicely. Description: The rainbow is a semicircle in the sky which consists of all colours of the chromatic circle. He originates, while sunrays are reflected by raindrop which are included in the sun to opposite rain clouds. Earlier as today became and the rainbow is seen by people close to the earth as a very holy symbol. The appearance of the rainbow in the sky is often equated with the presence of the big mind. It is a sign of the blessing for the people who perceive him, and for that about which he appears. General meaning: A blessing, - Verjüngung, - healing. Association: Thunderstorm, - on rain follows sunshine, - where the ends of the rainbow touch the earth, a treasure is buried after the vernacular. Transcendent meaning: A direct blessing.

In general:

He is valid as the peace and union symbol par excellence: The light of the sun (fire) and the water of the rain do not deliver (as usual always) the fight of the elements, do not behave 'how fire and water' (dissolving and extinguishing) - they combine to the amusing, spectral-coloured sky sign: Feeling (water) and will (fire) melt to harmonious unity. In the Christian tradition a rainbow was valid as a symbol for the alliance between God and the person. With many trunks of the North American Indians is valid the rainbow, in contrast to Western Europe, as a misfortune symbol. Today he is valid above all as a symbol of combined contrasts, for imagination and creativity - and as a luck symbol of the lovers. After C.G.Jung: the bridge to On the other side.


As a rule he embodies creativity and imagination. The rainbow which appears in the dream is a symbol of hope and the promise of improvement. He contains all colours of the light spectrum in the reality. The enlargement of the consciousness and the susceptibility for something which is brief like a rainbow points to the need for sensitised perception. Hence, he is valid in the dream as a symbol for the union of contrasts, above all between mind and feeling which leads to the internal harmony. Specifically he often asks to reconcile himself with another.


At the spiritual level the rainbow is an entirety symbol. The coloured, arched-shaped light connects the earth with the sky. It is a sign of the peace with God and the people.



  • see: your affection and love finds recognition, - solution of serious problems, - good news, - big luck possibilities which can be delusive, nevertheless. (19, - 48, - 83)

(European ones).:

  • see: is valid for good news and says that one reconciles himself with an enemy, - also: announces unusual events, - the shops will be promising and the harvest will bring plentiful yields, - to lover he promises a big luck in the respect,
  • deeper about green trees: means unlimited success.


  • see: you are cheated in the love,
  • luck in enterprises.
(See also colours, rain)

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