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Association: - Emission of emotions, - sometimes softly and doing good, sometimes dramatically and menacingly. Question: - Which feelings stream on me?

In general:

In his easiest meaning rain stands for tears and letting go of feelings. The dreaming was maybe depressed and has in the everyday life no possibility to let free run to his feelings. According to the accompanying circumstances one interprets him often as follows:
  • rain see asks to admit more feelings.
  • of the rain sops become points to problems by feelings, - one is guided too much towards feelings.
  • drizzle stands for relaxation and internal balance.
  • cloudburst warns about feeling exuberance.
  • flood by rain points to the fact that one can be thrilled by feelings and thereby comes to damage.


He also comes down in the dream of the sky and fertilises the earth. This circumscribes that we can harvest the fruits of our (spiritual) work or our love in the awake life, our hopes and wishes can come true. If the rain whips us stormily in the face, we become to us on some quarrel, on some vain Liebesmüh must make calm. If we feel in the dream on our skin that the rain is warm, we can be probably glad about a 'warm rain', on an improvement of the finances, particularly as also on rain always sunshine follows. Unfortunately, one can sometimes come from the rain to the eaves, been disappointing so by the life. In the dream of the man the rain corresponds to the unsatisfied need for complete relaxation. In the dream of a woman rain can stand for the sexual act. Besides, he can have a more general meaning and point to the realisation of possibilities on group level. All people should be able to use the fertility which he brings with himself.


Because of his 'heavenly' origin rain in the dream symbolises divine blessing and revelation.


A rain without storm and violent wind is generally good, excluded for that which prepare for a trip, and for people who do her works under free sky - this he is obstructive. Drizzle and hoarfrost are extremely good for farmer, while they announce moderate shops the remaining people. Pelting rains, whirlwind and storm are heralds of dangers and damages, - only slaves, arms and people who are in a clip, they prophesy freeing from them Widerwärtigkeiten pressed, - good weather follows then immense storms.



  • Dreaming one, a mild rain falls on his home town, the inhabitants there will receive reliefs of the emperor, - however, it rains too strongly and continually, the inhabitants of the emperor's disfavor will get to feel, later, however, again find mercy.
  • Seeming it the emperor, he is surprised on the way by the rain, his wishes will not go to fulfilment according to the fact that the rain sopped his garments, - he is away or a campaign, he will give up him. The corresponding is valid for the easy man and for any other person.
  • the expectations and hopes of the inhabitants there will not come true
  • Becoming a place not from clouds or rains, but in any way wet and humid, rather they will suffer a new, unusual evil and unnatural illnesses. Where always it rains, clean rain brings each to luck, more cloudily, however, misfortune.
  • see: indicates at good times, - one will escape bit by bit from his worries,
  • of the sky: Wealth and blessing,
  • with sunshine: Unsteady luck,
  • very strongly and destructively: it threaten in private things incommodities and dangers,
  • coldly, joylessly: if means a bad treatment which one will find out from others
  • downpour: Unexpected obstacles. To caretakers, until the time becomes better,
  • raindrop: quiet approach of love,
  • on the face: Health and luck,
  • on the clothes: Esteem for illness,
  • go to it: Abundance in earthly things,
  • from bad luck: Damage and misfortune,
  • from money: Profit in the play.


  • Dreaming one, as the roofing tiles of the house drip without rain with water, and there comes the water of the ice, it means according to dripping freeing from the misery, - however, it drips without some external reason, bad news of the emperor or from the governor will arrive, however, later turn out as a carrying, - if the water runs, however, from a rain cloud, is clear and moderate, the inhabitants will attain mercy and mercy from God and introduce rich harvest, - the water flows out more than urgently and is it not clearly, become they after his amount and Trübung punishment from emperor or from governor suffer.
  • Seeming it to one as if the place is covered by cinder, dust or something other without rain, the inhabitants will find out something good from the emperor according to the material which discharged about them.
  • Seeming it one, it comes down at the place with bright sunshine and cloudless sky humidity, this indicates, indifferently who is the dreamer, on the emperor, - then to him God will give help and victory over his enemies, and joy will rule with the inhabitants because often the earth is also refreshed by the rope of the sky. If it rains at the place from clouds and the water is clean, something good will approach, if cloudily, the opposite.

(European ones).:

  • like sky, spring and water to understand: always colour and state are to be followed, - fulfilment of the wishes and hopes,
  • hear approaching rain or see and do not become wet: successful plans and the quick reach of the aims,
  • see: better times will also come again,
  • of warm rains falls down on: a symbol for fertility, success in the occupation and luck in the love,
  • of cold rains: other people will soon badly treat,
  • of mild rains promises to craftsmen: Profit and salary,
  • to businessmen: Progress,
  • to artists: Honouring,
  • sops of it completely become: forthcoming luck and blessing of the sky, - one will think the luck somewhere else as where one searches it or expects,
  • in a shower be: the study of the world creation and the well measured pleasure of selfish joys will give to one a marvellous pleasure,
  • rainwaters collect: Health,
  • see with the sun: if luck means tearfully,
  • from dark clouds falling: the range of the enterprises will disturb to one,
  • rain and storm with Hagel and darkness: Danger, accident, loss, - always promises misfortune,
  • stay in a shower in clear weather: one will enjoy pleasure with youthful zeal and make a property,
  • sit in the house and by the window see a pelting rain: one will have luck, and passionate love is recompensed,
  • this splash of the rain on the roof: if luck and joy announces at home, - one will attain a modest property,
  • the house is leaking with rain and clear weather, a forbidden pleasure approaches unexpectedly, - nevertheless, the weather is execrable and murky, the opposite and exposure,
  • expects to one
  • regret not having fulfilled duties, while one listens in to the rain: one will search pleasure,
  • stand other in the rain: one will give to friends no trust,
  • the rain falls on the cattle: if disappointment means in the commercial life and joyless in social things,
  • then
  • Dreaming a young woman of the fact that her clothes become wet and filthy, while she stands in the rain, will have a good time them with somebody tactlessly and excite the suspicion of friends because she follows silly pleasure.


  • of The rains means fulfilment of a request and mercy.
  • Dreaming somebody, it has rained on his field, he will attain blessing, joy and mercy from God.
  • Having of the emperors this dream in the time in which one needs rain urgently will give God him what he asks him for, and his country suffers famine, there will be rich fruit, - no lack of rain rules, the exit is less favorable and weaker.
  • Drinking of a rainwater, namely clean, he will conceive, apart from the mentioned general blessing, also personally big reliefs, - the water is dirty, illness and hardship about him will come, the amount in water immediately which he has drunk.
  • Dreaming one, it has rained only on his house, his family with an epidemic and heavy illnesses will have to fight, - the same interpretation applies if one dreams such of other houses.
  • Collecting one such rainwater, he will suffer so much misery and need, as he has collected water.
  • become wet: Loss of a good person, - illness,
  • very strong: menacing evil,
  • more softly: Profit,
  • with sunshine: pleasant change,
  • more golden: Pleasure.
(See also sky, clouds)

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