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In general:

A shelve in a dream is a tip to the need of the dreaming to keep something or to hold in order. Thus about one wine shelve can be a request that the dreaming must take his social life under the magnifying glass, while a shoe shelve reflects the need to fathom the best method of the progress.


The shelve in the dream, no matter what it should keep can be a tip to the fact that the dreaming hangs too much on old person. It is to be separated in the time, from qualities, opinions and ideals which are not useful to him on the way to the Ganzheitlichkeit any more.


At the spiritual level the shelve in the dream symbolises a precious treasure of the knowledge.



  • file a bad habit.

(European ones).:

  • empties: prophesy to a loss and melancholy, - plans become crosses,
  • full ones: mean the quick fulfilment of hopes and the success of efforts or strains,
  • with books: a thing grows to one over the head. One searches himself support, - together with others it lighter goes.

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