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Association: - Defence, - conflict resolution. Question: - Where in my life I need help? Which problems is I to be solved ready?

In general:

He helps us in the dream to direct something, and points with it to a hopeless thing in our awake life, - often one sees in it also forthcoming disputes. One pays attention to whether the vision concludes the consultation.


Symbolic shape for a distinctive need after fairer (or - according to own images - more properly) selfassessment and treatment of own person. One pays attention with priority to the fact that one falls victim to no misjudgement. One defends completely everything decided what one holds (for himself and own life form) for right. Moreover: One just plans to assert fair demands.



  • see: big issues stand before you,
  • operate with him: Grief and worries,
  • see going: Quarrel and quarrel approaches you.

(European ones).:

  • operate with him and negotiate: points to disputes or official discussions, - also: maybe one also has to make up for a wrong and now the right time would be for it,
  • see: one must clear a juridical matter and fix,
  • the lawyer carries a black evening gown: if promises, unfortunately, no view of improvement of the topical situation,
  • a young woman deals in any manner with a lawyer, she will act unwittingly tactlessly and become therefore the victim of negative and embarrassing criticism.


  • see: do good and do not regret it,
  • with him talk: is careful with processes,
  • in the robe: pay attention to your honour.

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