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On the right

In general:

On the right is never to be understood in the dream as a political setting. As as a rule with the right hand is written and is traded, the side of the consciousness, the spiritual interests and activity means on the right in the dream. On the right a tip to a male point of view can also be in the dream. The individual meaning arises from the respect with other symbols in the dream and from the individual living conditions.


If in a dream strongly the 'right side' (hand, body half, seat order is stressed at a table, road choice at a crossroad etc.), it is to be understood as a tip to the qualities which one ascribes to the right hemisphere: e.g.: Activity. Abilities of getting through, logical thinking, professionalism etc. Seldom, but if it the connection of the dream action proves, can symbolise 'the rights' also political contents.



    she has
  • seen a woman a ring in her right hand, the intention to enter a firm connection with a man. (6, - 14)
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