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Association: - due payment. Question: For which must I pay?

In general:

Calculation can be understood in terms of receipt. Partial she symbolises insecurity, fears, selfdoubts, with men also virility problems by overestimation of the sexuality. It is to be interpreted in connection with figures. If she rises, our life calculation also rises, we can look cheerful in the future, venture near the realisation of new duties. If we do not solve the calculation, we are in a conflict situation from which we can escape only by own closing. Or we are afraid of own courage to begin something new.


To dream of an invoice document, can mean that one must take over the responsibility for a certain process: One should be able to 'book' the essential points, otherwise one would be asked 'to the cash'. If one has just a bad conscience, it can also mean that one must 'pay' for his failure. In the psychological interpretation a calculation presented in the dream is understood as a request that one should strike his 'life balance' to do old charges and to be freely for a new period of life.



    they receive
  • one must be paid: a financial profit stands in the house, - also: is fair compared with others, even if it is not easy for you,
  • issue to somebody one: one will be able to move his own ideas well.

(European ones).:

  • doubt about own value, - to evaluate with men often as a power dream,
  • write: glad hopes look after,
  • write out one or block to somebody: one gets involved in an unsafe thing,
  • have other with a being open calculation: disagreeable incidents in the business will require a severe use,
  • get paid-up: preserved wishes will come true,
  • get not paid-up: unfulfilled wishes,
  • to the payment get presented: one is in a menacing position, - one could appeal to the law to escape from the thing,
  • get one presented: one should seriously try to be fair towards other if this is still difficult in such a way,
  • receive: Recollection of the fact that one has not redeemed a made promise yet,
  • pay themselves one: one will soon find a compromise in a serious quarrel, - also: more quickly financial profit,
  • cannot pay themselves: if defamation of character,
  • contains
  • Dreaming a young accountant to add calculations will have them difficulties in the business and in the love. However, a charming person returns her hopes. It is respected by her present employer highly.
(See also of One to Thirteen, receipt, figures)

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