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In general:

Calculation (slide rule) requests to thorough consideration, before one decides and acts. Sometimes it also warns about calculation more different which want to use one, or threatens that one has miscalculated in a matter.


If one deals in the dream with an arithmetic job or equation which simply does not rise, this can mean that one has overlooked an oversight which could depreciate the whole position in the awake life.



  • you must economise, - also: one should consider once whether one can afford it on a continuing basis that foreign people on costs live,
  • arithmetic duties solve: to check a reminder, his own lifestyle.

(European ones).:

    one will find
  • from a difficult situation with the help of the mind a way out, - also: one should check once honestly whether one can afford it that other people live his costs,
  • always on one
  • with arms: a sign of future wealth,
  • with empires: Poverty,
  • solve an arithmetic job: to check a reminder, own life costs once thoroughly, because one should find from a difficult situation soon a way out,
  • cannot solve an arithmetic job: one will soon get to hear bad news,
  • slide rule: one has miscalculated in a certain matter thoroughly and now hopes for help, - also: a sign for the fact that one belongs to the 'calculating people'.


  • annoyance about capital loss,
  • without result to win: an inheritance escapes you.

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