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    women or daughters mean
  • of partridges generally.
  • Finding somebody in the dream a tame partridge or he holds one in his house, he will win a sensible woman nice after his taste.
  • Catching or he gets of somebody a wild partridge, he will take a woman who is pretty though, but cantankerous and antisocial.
  • Owning one a partridge and it perishes, he will be divorced from his wife.
  • Eating of a partridge meat, he will get as a gift of a woman precious clothes.
  • Dreaming a woman, them finds a partridge, she will bear a daughter, if she goes pregnant if not, conceive and bear.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he hunts partridges, he will hang his heart on his spouse and his concubines.
  • Seeming it him, he eats partridge meat, he will be present at a popular woman.
  • see: you build castles in the air, - also: glad message is to be expected,
  • many see: False luck,
  • see a dream aufflattern: a warning before unvirgin women,
  • fly: your luck is not to be held,
  • catch: one will been deceptive by somebody from the surroundings,
  • shoot: one deceives you, - also: Profit and success have,
  • eat: Impoverishment, - you ask too much from the life, is contented,

(European ones).:

  • see one: Warning of jealousy, - many small difficulties, - one is to be given a lot and should take centre stage quietly once, so that one can recognise the qualities and abilities and appreciate,
  • see: one has good views of financial profits,
  • see for men, a dream aufflattern: though the ladies in the surroundings want to entice to one, but, besides, look after only superficial intentions,
  • see flying: future enterprises stand under a good star,
  • catch: one may hope for the favour of the destiny, - one is deceived by a person in the surroundings,
  • shoot: the jealousy will give a hard time more different to one,
  • kill: is valid as a portent for success, however, one will have to deliver a large part of the property,
  • eat: one will give to another reason for the jealousy, - symbolises the pleasure of deserving honour.

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