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In general:

If the dreaming meets in his dream of a caterpillar, this points as a rule to the fact that he goes through a big change in any form. Maybe the dream symbol is a warning of the fact that the metamorphosis could be incomplete. Caterpillar should sometimes announce an illness.


Deep-psychologically looked she symbolises qualities which are not recognizable yet, - this can warn about other people who will maybe 'turn out' in a disagreeable kind, or ask to develop own possibilities. The development stage of nice butterflies points to a development stage in our life, on the incomplete, not yet worked out, sometimes also on the mental desperation. However, the picture of the caterpillar gives us hope that it will become nicer in our life soon much. To dream of caterpillars, points to the fact that the dreaming must be more adaptable in his setting to changes a little. Moreover, a caterpillar, because also it creeps, can show this Nastily or in general to difficulties.


At the spiritual level the caterpillar in the dream symbolises the for the most part unaware spiritual potential which only must unfold his beauty.



  • in general: if embody the tiresome people who can be shaken off only very hard
  • see: Damage take, - you will expose a wrong friend, - also: before one enters new friendship, one should check the concerning person thoroughly for her traits, because one can get by their dishonest behaviour easily in considerable difficulties,
  • see themselves verpuppen: draws the attention to unnoticed possibilities of development,
  • see in dreams: one should watch out for losses in financial matters,
  • in the branch: Loss of the property,
  • on the ground: wrong friends bring danger,
  • have in himself: you will experience a lot of nuisance,
  • kill: one tries to damage to you, - also: a child dies in your surroundings,
  • crush: you want to commit a law adversity,
  • read in plants: undergo vain efforts.

(European ones).:

    hostility indicates
  • , as well as that property and goods could easily sink in the value, - with base people get to act, - one should watch out before, therefore, for opaque shops, - in occupation or love a disappointment approaches,
  • see one: a friend or friend will turn out in such a way as one does not know him, - also: there are new possibilities of development which one has not followed yet, however, besides, one should wisely go forward,
  • many see: nothing is to be expected from some people the good, because they will 'turn out' quite differently,
  • catch or kill: Overcoming the enemies, - the mistrust towards a certain person is entitled.


  • see: Illness,
  • destroy: you will put out of action your enemies.
(See also butterfly)

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