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In general:

The dream of not used rooms conspicuously often speaks in the flat, - one suddenly discovers those. This is a part of our being which is not inhabited by us, - our flat is bigger than we think. There even the request can go out in the dream to us to use these rooms to furnish. These room dreams mostly deal with the psychological functions. Here can be pointed out once again to the fact that the person grasps the internal or external environment with the functions of the perception, the thinking, the feeling and the anticipating intuition. Now a space seems to correspond to each of these functions. With every person a function is leading, connected with consciousness and will. The counterfunction in this Vierheit is unaware, is primitive a little developed. In the course of the personal development both neighbouring functions can be also pulled near consciously. Then it kicks, for example, to the feeling a refined perception and a certain intuitive ability. Unconsciously the fourth function, here the thinking remains. It is projected on person of the environment, is experienced in them. Some people the dreams in which two rooms are furnished consciously substantially have it. The first room is the main space, there one lives. Second often uses. In the third room one is rare, one does not know surely how it looks. Then now and then one gets in the fourth dark space from which is not even clear to whom he belongs. He can stand empty or be filled with unknown and strange things. There also live possibly in the third and fourth space of the dream countersexual people. One speaks a little with these, fears them a little, these shades. Several times it is also told, one or two rooms went after the dark courtyard side. These and similar dreams, here summarised, hardly are differently to indicate than from the functional emptiness of the complicated psychology. The first room is the place of the main function. The second one the first Nebenfunktion. The third room, with a man possibly rents to a woman, it contains the third hardly more rather deliberate functions. The fourth room is the unnoticed, not as an accompanying felt place of the fourth function. Now and then the third room in completely different meaning is the third person whom one has taken up in own flat, possibly into marriage. It turns out a triangle situation. Who dreams of houses, of the house and his rooms often, will be good to outline the arrangement and situation of the rooms. Besides, one makes astonishing discoveries!


Space often embodies the collective unconscious or symbolises the development in the living space which is available to a person, - the exact meaning arises from the individual living conditions. The person often needs more space to be able to use his possibilities really optimally. The dreaming must try more to overcome his images of the restrictions of his Ichs. If the dreaming perceives the space in which he stays in his dream consciously, this shows that he has access to his potential. The space can also show the intimate sphere of the dreaming which was injured by another person.


At the spiritual level the space in the dream is a picture for a cosmic centre - for a place which is ', was and will be always'. This image can extend the perception of the dreaming which he has currently from the world.



  • big empty have around himself: of a hopeless future go towards,
  • in general: you are in good protection.
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