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In general:

Smoke (en) often appears body-partly with nervousness, now and again also with nicotine abuse as a warning sign. The dream hopefully also gives an encouragement you to stop with it. Further dark smoke can warn about problems and losses, bright smoke against it can promise a brief success.


No symbol, only one processing attempt of the denial problems if somebody just has stopped to smoke. For whom it particularly is difficult, dreams of it and sees itself and other with relish smoking.



  • smoke with relish: Peace and unity,
  • (tobacco or cigars) see or as a smoker smoke: your bragging rises in fog,
  • smoke for a non-smoker: Of a certain life situation are afraid,
  • for smokers - this surrender: one will soon master an incriminating problem,
  • see a smoker: you will come to society.

(European ones).:

  • whistle or cigar: if good nature, success and obligingness,
  • announces
  • smoke: if restlessness, discontent with itself or with the world tells in,
  • where it is forbidden, smoke: one wants in a thing with the head by the wall, however, will get bad bagging,
  • see other smoking if one himself is a smoker: one will come around an expected pleasure,
  • others see smoking if one is a non-smoker: if a nuisance means by others,
  • offer smoke product: one is able to win somebody for himself whose internal inhibitions of a connection were in way up to now,
  • get smoke product offered: one will get in the spell of a person.


  • even: your luck is changeable.
(See also smoke, cigar, - 'cigarette')

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