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Association: - limited view, - remains, - swath. Question: - What is hidden? What would like I to hide?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Ceremonially, - holy, - centring, - reciting, - cleaning. Description: The smoke is an ethereal substance which originates from the transformation which allows to be given the fire the plants. Smoking and burning incense are holy ceremonies for trunks close to the earth no matter whether, besides, tobacco is smoked in a whistle or a person with the smoke of glowing herbs is cleaned. General meaning: To the creator prayers send, - are cured by Erlangen of bigger concentration, clarity and cleanness. Association: Cigarettes smoke, - give up the smoking, - resolve in smoke, - smoke before fury, - smoked food. Transcendent meaning. A healing in the dream time, - the opportunity, by the gap between the worlds hindurchzutreten.

In general:

The smoke which climbs up in the vision always proves that we are presently in an unclear situation which prepares for us bad headaches and is a tip to danger, above all if the dreaming can put out no fire. If the dreaming smokes, he tries to bring his fear under control. If he smokes in the real life and finds out in the dream that he has stopped, this symbolises the coping of a problem. If a smoker really gives up the smoking, his dreams often turn on the old addiction.


The smoke is a dream symbol for conflict-laden forces which are stronger, the closer, biting or more darkly the smoke is in the dream. It is a good sign if the smoke still resolves during the dream action or pulls. This points because to a relaxation of the dreaming or his conflict, a solution can be found. We should find out whether it concerns the grey-black smoke of a fire or the white-grey of a blazing fire. Smoke can symbolise in the dream also passion, even if it is not 'roused' maybe yet for a certain person. In addition, smoke stands at the same time for cleaning - possibly by incense - or for soiling.


At the spiritual level the smoke in the dream is a symbol for the prayer or the victim which climbs to the sky. In addition, smoke can also show climbing the soul figuratively.



  • smoke get dark or clouds of smoke see: one will have to fight to the next time with big difficulties, - available and existing luck will cloud and good friendship can resolve in air, - one should check his enterprises thoroughly, before one enters obligations,
  • see climbing up: meant domestic luck and shelter,
  • in the eyes biting dense smoke: must count on quarrel and opposition,
  • see round himself: are disappointed,
  • from the stove: you will weep bitter tears,
  • see climbing up just from a chimney: you will achieve your aim,
  • from buildings see climbing up in thick black clouds: come to danger of fire,
  • about the whole house: Illness danger,
  • contorts: You become of your worries man.

(European ones).:

  • endangered health, - nervous irritation which affects the vegetative nervous system, - also: Fears and doubts load to one, - a present success from which one will not profit, - the closer the smoke, will be the greater the disappointment,
  • see black or dark one: announces big Widerwärtigkeiten, - Li> brings incommodities in the house,
  • to white ones see: announced luck which will be, however, only from short duration,
  • bright smoke see climbing up: one enjoys either soon domestic luck, or takes a shelter with others,
  • are wrapped by smoke: dangerous people want to deceive to one with flatteries,
  • thick, biting dense smoke: announces that opposition is to be expected from others and a quarrel will be unavoidable.


  • see round himself: False luck,
  • just climbing up from the chimney: domestic peace and luck,
  • have in the house: Oppression by hostile people,
  • contort: a thing which seemed difficult is easy to master,
  • black smoke: Quarrel and obstacles, deceptions and frustration.
(See also fire, steam, fire)

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