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In general. Big cat stands for unrestrained desires, desires and passions by which one is endangered, - besides, the cat can warn about cunning.


In the mythology predators or big cats are to be found in the suite of the female natural divinity. With the exception of the lion predators symbolise aggression trends and the menacing, negative side of the sexual Triebhaftigkeit in the dream we must bridle because she breaks out, otherwise, and tears down all barriers which put custom and decency to him. Therefore, the predator has a menacing and negative aspect concerning the female sexuality in man's dreams. The woman of a predator has never dreamt, there is not! Predators in women's dreams are always a tip to sexual emotions and embody the male-aggressive sexuality which does not become conscious. Clarify big predators symbolise sexual hunger, small predators against it (e.g., a marten or polecat) insecurity compared with male sexuality. It is decisive, however, also what is experienced in the dream with the predator. Fear or escape from the animal is as unequivocal as affectionate one stroke. One follows the other symbols of the predator's dream.



  • see: Hostility of underhand and dangerous people, - also: you will be delivered to the forces of nature,
  • pursue and kill: you have grown to your enemies or consider,
  • are threatened by them: Mortal danger,
  • are attacked by them and are wounded: you will be defeated by the misfortune,
  • see in cages: dangerous things will not disturb you.

(European ones).:

  • sign of the wild passions and the instinctual life to which one must oppose extreme energy - mostly mean annoyance and difficulties,
  • see such: if means Hinterlistigkeit.
(See also animals, names of single predators)

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