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Association: - knows a lot in the city, - cleverly, - deceptively, - a little authentically. Question: - Where in my life I am afraid of betrayal? Can I dare myself?

In general:

Disgust at itself, before others or at the whole life (surfeit) can embody rats what paralyzes every activity and joy of life, - then one must remove the causes. Specifically she sometimes warns about a wrong friend.


The rat is a rodent, therefore, she symbolises as a vision often gnawing doubts or fears of the dreaming. Often they announce physical illnesses already before their outbreak. The rat fulfils in the dream the function of a warning signal.



  • see: Enemies agree, - disingenuous friends own who want to add to a damage, - also: one will take damage by a soon ventilated secret, - bad experiences announce warning of danger, -
  • pursue: Disputes can bring you easily in the downfall if you are not on the alert,
  • catch: one will suffer by the betrayal of good friends a considerable loss, - also: a happy chance comes to assistance to you,
  • run away: Wretchedly and need,
  • of these will attack: the financial prosperity is in danger,
  • are bitten: Warning before bad people in the closer surroundings. Some people have big interest to bring one in discredit. It would also be clever to look closer at his friends whether they also are really friends.
  • see leaving a sinking ship: one has wrong calculated in professional regard and will get to feel it,
  • deadly: you win over your enemies,
  • see eating: you lose yours Well to parasites.

(European ones).:

  • destruction of the vitality or more, - black rats: promise luck in the love and in the married life, - also: one is deceived by his neighbours, - annoyance with partners is preprogrammed, - also: a time of unfavorable influence comes up on,
  • water rats, field mice etc.: if hostility and deception mean by friends,
  • white rats: one will overcome his difficulties successfully,
  • freely see walking around: one is loved hotly and stormily,
  • catch: Quarrel in the love or lovesickness, - with older people problems in her friendship, - one will see through the falseness of the competitors and they can overtake,
  • see caught: points to a disloyal friend or a disloyal friend,
  • kill one: one will arise from every competition as a winner, - grief in the love or a friendship,
  • are bitten by rats: in the surroundings is an enemy who risks everything to bring to one in discredit,
  • see leaving a sinking ship: one has wrong calculated in professional matters and now will get to feel this.


  • catch: you escape a theft,
  • see: you are deceived by friends,
  • see in crowds: Famine, price increase,
  • in the house: Discovery of secrets,
  • kill: Overcoming the enemies.
(See also 'mice', 'rodents', 'animals')

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