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City hall

In general:

Hardly deals with office and dignity, the warning circumscribes rather to the dreamer to load itself psychically and physically not beyond all measure, but to hear rather on expert advice from the narrower surroundings. Also here our body is meant with the house. One pays attention to floors and rooms to see further details from it.


The symbolic place for 'office and dignity' which one visits if one liked to do something or get confirmed. The dream informs that one gets something important (or can reach) if one knows how to manage with certain 'rules of the game' (socially of social kind) or with an authority.



  • see: one may hope to be assigned an important job in the next time which one will well master and which gets a respect and fame, - also: an honourable office receive, - also: you have a disagreeable way before yourself,
  • to itself see going in or are in it: Protection and assistance against his opponents find, - one will have to expect in professional regard no difficulties,
  • go in: your situation will make amends by the help of foreign people, - also: Difficulties with authorities approach,
  • come out of one: you will with difficulty be able to make a decision.

(European ones).:

  • see: if office and dignity makes, - reminder hear on a preserved good advice - also: stands for set-tos and menacing processes,
  • enter: Embarrassment, - difficulties with authorities is to be mastered,
  • deal in one: one will become clever by damage,
  • for a young woman is the city hall the herald of an estrangement of her lover because she could not remain loyal to him.


  • see: you will come to office and dignity,
  • in it be: you become clever by damage.
(See also 'building', 'house')

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