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medicine wheel:

Key words: Sharply, - briefly, - fast, - healing. Description: A Rassel is a rhythm instrument which exists of a vessel which was filled with pebbles, seeds or other objects which give while shake sharp, short, always same tones of themselves. Clack offer like drums many ceremonial ranges of application and have been used by people close to the earth always to the healing. General meaning: A healing, - a ceremony. Association: Rasselbande, - rattling breath like with a dying person. Transcendent meaning: To cure ability, - ability, to attract the attention, - gift of healing in the dream state.


(European ones).:

  • The reason to let decide, is not always advisable. Some decisions should be rather made by the feeling.
  • see playing a baby with his Rassel: if harmony prophesies at home, - enterprises will be creditable and remunerative,
  • the Rassel to a baby give: unhappy investments stand in a queue,
  • of A young woman announces this one caring husband if a baby with his Rassel plays.
(See also drum)

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