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In general:

The question is important whether it is a man or a woman who shaves in the dream. With a man the shave can stand for everyday and usual routine. Male teenagers are afraid mostly of shaving by strangers. It is important who is the shaving. A dream beard is also a masculinity symbol, however, can be also a question what one wants to hide behind it: a receding chin maybe (= emotional weakness), or one wants to simulate more masculinity than exists? With a woman the facial shave shows that she wishes male qualities. If she shaves other body parts, this expresses her attempt to create a smooth, unassailable surface. The shaving things themselves also matter. A razor is identical in the symbolism with the knife. A razor shows that a certain risk readiness is necessary to see his true face. But also the mask of the everyday life needs the attention. Should shave after altindischen dream books before deceptions and deception warn. If one himself is shaved, the warning refers to own life, another is shaved, one himself should try no deception and no deception.


As the beard national costume moulder was, it was valid as a jewellery of the man, - he shaved off the hair in the dream, this was called, he has to count on big incommodities. In today's view the dreaming wants to smooth something, - either because he would like to sit down towards his person in the right picture, or because he does not manage with his own self-image. Shave in the dream today generally analytic thinking symbolises. If the dreamer is shaved, he must probably pay in a certain thing. If he cuts himself or he is cut, he will behave in the awake life maybe wrong. If the dreaming shaves another person, this is rather a caring act. If the shave is carried out, nevertheless, with the intention of the power, is possibly aware to the dreaming that a certain personality aspect must be worked out more sharply to be effective completely. The shaving things themselves are in this connection rather tools than a weapon.


At the spiritual level a smooth shave stands in the dream for openness and honesty in dealing with other people.



  • others see: keep yourselves always cleanly,
  • to itself: do not deceive yourselves, - also: One is on the alert to let talk into weaknesses from his environment which one does not have at all, but at last could believe. Others would have a light play with us.
  • become: one wants to deceive you.

(European ones).:

  • by another: if is valid as a deception, deception etc.,-
  • think about a shave: one makes soaringly business plans, - however, one lacks energy for the realisation,
  • to itself: Profit, - one will pay a guilt or can make up for something, - one controls his shops and private matters, although a nagging woman makes to a problem,
  • see shaving another: one in a committed wrong is made up, or a debtor, returns what one is lent him or has allowed delay, - one should not get involved in dubious shops, - warning of deception,
  • see how another gets shaved: Not to get involved reminder, on unfair or crooked shops or other dubious offers,
  • a clean-shaven face: if brings balance, - the colleagues agree with,
  • have a grey beard: one causes lack of every reason towards people whom demands put in one,
  • observed a Mrs. Männer with the shave, her call is stained by excess.
  • Dreaming a woman to be shaved, she supposes male trains that the men turn away.


  • to itself: Loss of property, - would be warned about falseness and deception,
  • others: you will disadvantage strangers,
  • become: very disagreeable losses.
(See also beard, hair, knife, razor, reaping)

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