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In general:

On the edge from events or from a human group indicates to stand that the dreaming is deeply unnerved concerning his value. This has significant effects on his life or on the people with whom he maintains a community. Edge embodies everything what is in the life of low meaning, - what this refers specifically to, arises from the other symbols in the dream and from the real life situation.


The edge which own to Kant and the threshold a similar symbolism. Something is on the spring. All the same, on which side the dreaming of the edge falls down, it will perceptibly shake his life and force him to be meant decisions. The edge in the dream can also show the boundary between two extremes, as for example between rational and irrational.


At the spiritual level the edge in the dream signals a turning to the darkness and with it to the abyss.



  • Another action would bring danger. Keep.

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