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Radio set

Association: - Communication. Question: - What is I to be heard or to say ready?

In general:

As a communicative device a radio symbolises the mediation of knowledge for each. If the dreaming hears playing a radio in his dream, this is a tip to his connection with the outside world. Radio set indicates the need for change and news, often it appears if one threatens to solidify in the everyday routine. On radio inclined dreamers find out telepathic quite a lot of news 'from above'. So you leave your radio switched on in the dream!


In the dream the radio can stand for the voice of the authority or transport general ideas and ideals. In addition, it symbolises the internal dialogue of the dreaming or shows that he hears voices. The dreaming wants to be always on the newest state. Moreover, he needs apparently a long-term irrigation (distraction) which should preserve him to deal intensely with itself.


At this level the radio stands in the dream for spiritual communication.


(arab.). - One would like to deflect you from your duty.

(European ones).:

  • see one or shop: in the next time one will come round a lot and have a lot of change,
  • hear: if promises the arrival of a certain new and nice companion who exerts himself completely to raise the quality of life,
  • playing: points to comfort and prosperity.
  • hear a voice from it: one will find out a secret,
  • clarifies music from it hear: meant the pleasure of a secret joy,
  • hear discordant music from it: one is from a secret danger umlauert.

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