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ride a bike


If one saw himself perfectly skating or riding a bike in the dream, one was supposed in high spirits and is also enthusiastic for the future and is put hopefully. If one has gone in blow holes or about Huckel, these stand for problems of the Wach-Ichs. Is one easy about that way there dangers? Then one ignores in the real life apparently difficulties. Has one driven in the dream a running, and has one won? Maybe the way indicates how one can improve his success in the right life. The Vorwärtsbewegung on the bicycle translates the will to get on in the awake life from own strength.



  • you wants to reach it with flatteries,
  • to themselves on a bicycle see sitting: one will faster make headway with a plan than up to now.

(European ones).:

  • go: in distant areas soon make a visit, - also: one will undertake in the next time a lot with the friends.
  • others see going: Friends from afar, will visit to one.
(See also car, - 'bicycle' and other vehicles)

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