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In general:

Revenge often announces that one can improve a mi▀liche situation if one does not resign himself to her, requests to active action. More seldom one recognises in it actual revenge cravings against the others on which one puts the blame for own problems.


Revenge is sweet? She remains, in any case, seldom without (negative) results what you should consider, after the dreamt revenge act has given you now maybe a special 'tip'. Dreams of revenge actions want to be understood only as a request on more ability of getting through - and that one must 'pull through' something strictly without considering constantly, besides (from selfdoubts afflicted) whether maybe somebody could not take revenge for the fact that one was active once purposefully 'in own thing'.



  • take or be put out to her: do not deal with complaints, they will not fall out well for you,
  • also, - take: your situation makes amends,
  • fear: you want to take away love.

(European ones).:

  • one is able to bend to an unfavorable destiny,
  • exercise: meant involvements, perishable processes, - also: Sign of a weak and stonyhearted nature, - this is not controlled introduces them in one the loss of friends,
  • other take revenge for one: one has many reasons to fear his enemies,
  • somebody to revenge swears: meant annoyance with a business partner.


  • take: your hope will be fulfilled.

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