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Association: - Magic, - omen, - cleverness. Question: - How is the message?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Polyphagous, - croaking, - smartly, - group-oriented, - birds of the balance, - symbol of the ambivalence, - connection with rain, - connection with people, - magic, - magic, - power, - moon of the flying ducks. Description: The raven, in the medicine wheel the totem animal in the moon of the flying ducks (from the 23rd of September to the 23rd of October) to Born, is quite and even black bird with a cuneiform tail which can so become big as the red tail buzzard. The raven is a bigger relative of the crow and the magpie and lives preferentially in woods, while both other bird's kinds are not so fastidious. Ravens seem worldwide. They give loud croaking of themselves and are omnivores. Although ravens can be sometimes also aggressive, nevertheless, the craftiness is her priority quality. They are intelligent birds oriented to group who defend her hereditary territory when required vehemently. Big esteem was brought to the raven because of his loyalty to his trunk above all by the Gipsies. It means that ravens hold even family advice meetings. Other people close to the earth believed that the raven is a connector between person and nature. Many trunks know stories about that, why the raven is black. Everybody begins with the fact that the raven was originally a white bird whose colour either changed because he has committed a lapse, or because he has supported the person. The raven is a bird who is associated with witches and magic. He also represents the wisdom of the old earth religions. General meaning: An investigation of community and respect, - the ability to rise in the winds and to drop straight away again, - balance searching, - magic, - magic, - power. Association: Bad omen, - pitch-black thoughts, - death bird. Transcendent meaning: Gift of true balance.

In general:

Raven indicates one as a herald of misfortune and failures, but also as a symbol of the wisdom. Now and again the menace from the unconscious is expressed in it by his edged out contents, sometimes also fear of the death. If a raven crowd from a tree flies up, points to a danger which one can escape, however, still on time.


The dead person's bird from the mythology is a warning sign as a dream symbol, this sends a reminder to substitute for dark thoughts with bright ones to turn back on the up to now smashed life which could lead us in Nothing. In the national faith he is valid against it as a soul bird. If a raven appears in the dream, this is a sign for unhappy thoughts of the dreaming. The black bird flies by our dreams as the unlucky fellow, as the dark thought which threatens piercing ours I.


The raven is clever and resourceful, however, mostly a misfortune bringer.


You must lay out the life in double manner, once as the property and the possession, the other spot than the life yourself. A rich woman dreamt, three ravens approached her and looked them audaciously, - one of them gives even a sound of itself and says: 'I will put an end to you.' Three times they would have circled the ravens and then would be up and flown away. Quite of course and consistently the woman died after nine days, - then 'I will put an end to you' meant so much like 'I will get out of the way you', that is: 'I will kill you'. By the fact that three ravens they circled three times they announced the term of nine days.



  • in general: Herald of menacing evil, even disasters, - one is immediately in mortal danger,
  • see sitting: Widerwärtigkeiten of different kind experience,
  • see flying: you will receive a sad news,
  • see flying round the house: Death,
  • on the field: you are preserved from damage,
  • see stealing: you will come to fear of death,
  • fly about you: a bad news,
  • scare away: you will get onto a deception or theft, - also: your time has not come yet, is not premature,
  • fly away: Fate turn to the good,
  • hear shouting: you will hardly escape a menacing danger, - misfortune, - bad luck, - also: on the basis of infidelity a disagreement threatens with the partner,
  • eat: a misfortune has entered,
  • shoot: you can turn away a misfortune still on time,
  • kill: you cause your misfortune even,
  • Rabenaas: you deal it with bad people.

(European ones).:

  • a symbol of very dark thoughts, - internal, edged out desires send a reminder,
  • see one: Evil and fights, it threatens theft or misappropriation, - must count on a fate turn or strife,
  • several ravens see: if evil tells in,
  • of such umflattert become or these see sitting down on one: if means mortal danger,
  • those startle: one will be able to meet a great danger still at the right moment if one keeps open the eyes,
  • flying up ones see: one can make way to a menacing failure on time,
  • hear shouting: promises bad news,
  • he can inform
  • A young woman about the infidelity of her lover.


  • hear shouting: you will have damage and loss,
  • see: Misfortune in the stable,
  • on a tree seated: Death nearby.
(See also magpie,' crows ',' birds')

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