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In general:

Receipt can announce that one is punished for his actions, maybe by a financial loss, - this often contains also the warning before rash behaviour. However, now and again she registers that a guilt is erased.


With her the unconscious gives to us the instruction that we are possibly asked because of a matter to the cash or that we get the receipt for this for what we ourselves have been to blame. The receipt which we give to somebody in the dream only sometimes points to bigger issues or financial charges in the awake life.



  • give: you settle accounts with your enemies,
  • receive: an anxious worry is taken by you, - (12, - 99)
  • tear: Enemies will become friends.

(European ones).:

  • freeing from incriminating ideas, internal absolution,
  • exhibit: there threatens a sensitive expenditure,
  • get one presented: one should urgently fix something and should take seriously this warning, - care also with financial matters,
  • receive: meant a present, - one will get to feel the results of a made stupidity,
  • have paid one: one will be soon released from a guilt.


  • receive: you will receive a lover, - favorable financial situation,
  • write: you will get enemies,
  • give: quickly your wealth will grow.
(See also calculation)

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