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In general:

It is associated by the dream symbolism always with the love. With the old Greeks it was usual to let eat the bride before the wedding a quince to remind them of the fact that in the marriage bitterness and sweetness are mixed.


Quince is mostly understood as a symbol of erotic needs. The nice fruit see or pick luck promises in the love, the rotten one warns about a person who wants to use the love. With the old Greeks the bride had to eat a quince before the wedding, so that she felt that in the marriage bitterness and sweetness are mixed.



  • see: also: you are in the doubt what you should do, waits,
  • pick: a long-expected success enters,
  • of a tree shake: One runs the risk to make himself unpleasant with a beloved person, because one tries by force to force love. Who behaves, however, warily and wisely, his aim might reach.
  • cook: you must have patience and rush nothing,
  • eat: Luck and satisfaction in love and marriage,
  • one eats: one can be certain to meet soon the suitable dear partner,
  • give away: is not careless,

(European ones).:

  • a sexual symbol, according to the state of the fruit,
  • see: Luck in the love or marriage, wealth, satisfaction,
  • of the tree pick or shake: Danger to forfeit the love of the other by too stormy action to themselves
  • dropped from the ground gather: the object of the love is no more blank sheet,
  • eat: after patience a little all longing for the life partner will be satisfied,
  • rots: a beloved person is not worth to this love.


  • eat: you will have envious person,
  • see: Luck in the marriage,
  • pick: Wealth.

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