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Quartz (rock)

medicine wheel:

Key words: Known amplifier and transmitter of energy, - moon of the ground electrode innovation. Description: Quartz, in the medicine wheel the mineral totem in the moon of the ground electrode innovation (from the 22nd of December to the 19th of January) to Born, is a Silikondioxid and a beaming, crystalline mineral which seems almost everywhere in the world. Although quartz is colorless basically and transparent, nevertheless, there are also several coloured variations which are called then semiprecious stones. The crystalline forms of the quartz are brought most often with the moon of the renewals in connection. The quartz is transmitted a strength stone, the energy increasingly, and conceives. General meaning: Understanding and strengthening of energy. Association: Quartz watches. Transcendent meaning: Gift of the strength and earth energy.

In general:

Quartz embodies in the dream often the crystallisation of ideas and sensations. He touches the deep internal processes of the person and often allows it to him to express things for the first time which suffocated before in speechlessness. Quartz is understood in terms of rock or crystal.


The crystallisation process was looked in old time as catching of light and strength. At a subconscious level many dreaming still perceive this. To dream of a quartz, hence, indicates to recognise developing strength.



  • you deals with wilful people, - also: now the thing seems clear, however, it is not.

(European ones).:

  • promises some good finding.


  • you will have to win your aim hard.
(See also agate, amethyst, 'Herkimer diamond', 'jasper', cornelians, 'crystal', 'moss agate', 'rose quartz')

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