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In general:

The dream of a four group of any kind points to a connection with the material or practical aspects of other objects in the dream. It could be necessary to concentrate upon the pragmatic solutions of a problem.


Everything what seems more than once stresses the meaning of this object for the dreaming. The object is shown not successively, but at the same time to make the stress evident.


At the spiritual level the quartet stands in the dream for the order creative principle of the Ganzwerdung.



  • (4 play, four-song): you will find good society, - also: alone you do not create it, Li> searches like-minded friends,
  • sing in it: good agreement with your friends.

(European ones).:

  • stands for happy shops, amusing companions and a good time,
  • see or hear: one strives for something what is under the level.


  • you will suffer a damage.
(See also Four, figures)

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