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Association: - Simplicity, - harshness, - protection. Question: - What do I cover? Which work is difficult for me?


Who draws him in the dream, would like to join to an active group of like-minded people (literally or allegorically). If the overall has an especially remarkable, garish colour, the symbolic meaning is to be understood contrary: Who carries him, wants to differentiate itself by 'otherness at first sight' against the 'grey sphere' when fluorescent exception stand there - and rather provoking (than conventionally) work: Central issue, one is 'unmistakeable'.


(European ones).:

  • It a busy time approaches,
  • at the work carry one: one willbe well recompensed for a small friendliness, - a compensation means bad luck,
  • Seeing a woman a man in the overall, she is mistaken about the actual character of her lover. If she is married, it is often left alone by her husband, is suspected whereupon them him of the infidelity.
(See also clothes)

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