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Viper (queue)

medicine wheel:

Key words: Swimmer, - playful, - family-oriented, - joy, - moon of the rest and cleaning. Description: The viper, in the medicine wheel the animal totem in the moon of the rest and cleaning (from the 20th of January to the 18th of February) to Born, is a curious, noble and very playful animal. He loves the society of his own kind and the water. Vipers have a distinctive appetite and are really family-related creatures. General meaning: Learning, as one plays, - which establish communication with the internal child - allow that your curiosity leads you, - growing sociability, - growing circle of friends. Association: Viper - common viper, toxic queues. Transcendent meaning: Gift of the communication, - new-found harmony in your internal child.



  • see: you have bad believers, - you are surrounded by falseness,
  • are bitten by them: you will get in distress, - also: watch out for bad tongues, envy and envy,
  • catch: you will find the way out, - also from a difficult situation: you have luck in the play,
  • crush: you can satisfy your believers,

(European ones).:

  • warns about a disagreeable or dangerous acquaintance, - friends will injure her feelings, however, not her luck,
  • see one: if means unhappy love,
  • dive and playing in the clear water: if luck promises, - the quick wedding approaches unmarried, - the marriage becomes happy, - women may expect from her man unusual a lot of tenderness,
  • are bitten by one: destroyed luck,
  • kill: announced a reconciliation, - problems are mastered.


  • see: an unexpected luck.
(See also animals)

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