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The Easter party was originally a fertility party to honour of the goddess Ostara what still the custom of the Easter eggs reminds of. Nevertheless, in the dream the fertility aspect is demanded more seldom, than the tip to the spring. Spring hangs together with joy, a bright time and long days. If not special negative personal experiences are connected with this party, Easter shows the joy about or on a beaming new beginning. 'Light is to be seen at the end of the tunnel', it is getting better. They can begin a new life. - Nevertheless, consciously or unconsciously the contents of the Easter party also play in: The overcoming of the death and the certainty of the everlasting life... Easter also registers that one should escape from old habits, ideals and routine to rise to a new life.



  • Your destiny will turn to the good.

(European ones).:

  • Easter party, Easter eggs: if joy and improvement of the relations, - resurrection, conversion, overcoming the insistence in the old state, - promise hope for later improvement, - also: one is to be sent in the concept on a voyage with important results, - maybe a religious mission.


  • Easter eggs eat: you can count in the foreseeable future on a big profit,
  • celebrate Easter party: you come to good society.

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