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Places (places)

In general:

If the environment plays an especially important role in the dream, this is as a rule a message to the dreaming. The place sometimes reflects the internal state or the mood of the dreaming. He is able to remind him of places, towns or sceneries which mattered in certain life phases to the dreaming, and maybe also to people important for his curriculum vitae.


The interpretation of the symbolism of certain places can grant insights into 'internal sceneries'.
  • a place which becomes fertile in the course of the dream refers to an aspect which the dreaming has not recognised earlier or which he found disagreeable which develops now, however, possibilities and potentials for his spiritual way.
  • Murky, unfriendly sceneries or quiet favorite places can be a tip to the subjective world view of the dreaming. The country from which the dream acts can have a certain meaning for the dreaming.
  • America, for example, has a rather meddlesome, commercially oriented culture for most people, England is restrained as and is looked dutiful, France puts spirited masculinity and so forth.
  • certain feelings or moods transport
  • rural areas, above all if they deal with freedom. The compound scenes which contain many frames which the dreaming recognises draw his attention as a rule to certain qualities, ideals and moods which raise the information content of the dream.
  • The birthplace of the dreaming shows a sure space.
  • a sunny, cheerful place refers to fun and liveliness, - a dark, shady scenery symbolises dejection and a sombre mood. A darkened place shows the unconscious.
  • a close place brings back the dreaming to his childhood or to a time in which he has learnt a lot, and an especially nice place inspires the imagination, so that the dreaming can better use his creative visualisation.
  • a primeval forest stands in connection with the labyrinth and refers to the sexuality.
  • a depressing place a holy site can have been earlier.
  • a protected place offers peace and security.
  • the Aspects even which are not aware to the dreaming show
  • absolutely unknown places.
  • a known however unclose place symbolises new aspects of the personality which are not aware to the dreaming yet completely.
  • generous, wide places offer freedom of movement.


At this level the places serve in the dream of the spiritual orientation.



  • rest and peace calls in, the worries disappear.
  • overlook: you will climb to high dignity and offices.

(European ones).:

  • overlook: if power and superiority promises.


  • see: you will reach by your knowledge and skill to high honour and respect.


If one cannot hook heels in the Íse, nothing can be also reached in the love or in another area of life: We get a basket.



  • hit: you are sparing.
(See also thread,' dressmaking')

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