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In general:

Hurricane stands for strong internal restlessness which is based on unaware processes and will fall in a deep crisis if one does not process the causes consciously. The dreaming is in considerable difficulties which will stop, however, not too long. Also unaware contents can rave in him and provide for restlessness. They should be analysed as soon as possible.


He lets off steam in our soul lives and announces substance losses. The whole life can become there a messy-whirled. Who is not able to resist stable the hurricane, should visit the doctor because something has got in his inside in mess.



  • of heavy will come about you. Endure and wait for your time.
  • see raging or hear: indicates at desert and wild experiences, - you are powerless against the destiny, - also: predicts the loss of a being close person after whom one has looked not enough, - also: there threatens a property loss which one can turn away, nevertheless, still with big application.

(European ones).:

  • is a bad sign, while it easily ruins everything what one has begun and has expected,
  • see or hear with his terrible strength approaching: one will suffer tortures and uncertainty and therefore struggle, misses and ruin avoid,
  • see raging: tells a heavy loss (a thing or a person) in,
  • see themselves in such in danger: one will come to mortal danger, - heard to the true dreams,
  • are in a house which is destroyed by a hurricane: one fights in the awful darkness in saving somebody before the falling down boards, then own life will change, - one will move at distant places, but still there will be no improvement in the private life or professional life,
  • after one look at rubble and cinder: big annoyance is on the brink before which is repulsed by the about-turn in the matters more different,
  • by the hurricane killed or injured people see: the annoyance will prepare more different for a big worry.


  • see: is not so nervous, you make your surroundings ill with it.
(See also storm, wind)

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