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Association: - indiscriminate union. Question: - Where in my life I am ready to find out the unity from all?

In general:

An orgy is connected with an immense emission of energy which originates if the dreaming himself gives to himself the permission to approach to his sexuality. If a dream of an orgy acts, this can show how the dreaming refers to other people. He has an oversized need to be understood by other people belovedly and. If the dreaming experiences this in the dream as an orgy, this is maybe to be understood as fear of controlling loss. Orgy expresses edged out desires and passions which control one only hard, but can also not realise not to endanger the good call. The dream can cause a passing discharge of internal tension.


Often dreams express difficulties or blockades which the person maybe has in a certain area of his life. Because for most people her self-image is strongly connected with her sexuality, an orgy in the dream can refer to how the dreaming can release the blocked energy. In the dream a behaviour adequate in the awake state serves to balance such difficulties. It is a dream or he indicates that you are too conservative. Then you should form her life a little more laxly.


At this level the orgy stands in the dream for a spiritual excess.


(European ones).:

  • see: Warning of bad contact or before inferior and costly pleasures,
  • take part in one: one will come to bad call.

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