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In general:

Organ often symbolises a serious, secluded person who has reached internal harmony. However, she can also announce a serious result or request to use a special ability more. If one plays the organ in the dream or hears, a hidden allusion on courtship or even on the sexual act could be of these organs. How well did one play the instrument in the dream?


Organ music points to spiritual problems and her solution. Grief sometimes also joins in, however, generally is that who hears playing the organ in the dream with himself and the world contently. The organ is valid as a picture for the wish of the dreaming of confiding, for his emotional depth and for spiritual discussion. Of course it can also be a symbol for religiousness and purification or internal collecting. It always depends on the whole dream action, the state of the organ, the music and other people appearing in the dream.



  • see: religiously are tuned,
  • hear playing: a glad future experience, - also: good friends think of you in love, - also: if announces an immediately approaching happy event (e.g., wedding) from which one can collect new strength
  • play: melancholy are tuned, - also: your grief will lie down and friends will enter,
  • see playing himself: withdraw itself to devote itself completely to the spiritual and nice things,
  • organ pipes: Wedding or a church party.

(European ones).:

  • dream after internal harmony,
  • play a funereal piece itself: if grief about a lapse or a bad action promises, - means seclusion,
  • even harmonious organ sounds bring forward: one attains by happy chance earthly goods and a high social rank,
  • elegies with organ company: announce a protracted and dull job, maybe also the loss of friends or the job,
  • see: Joy, - tells a serious or important event in,
  • see in the church: if a desperate separation promises in the family and maybe the death of a member,
  • see playing: you will receive good news concerning a position,
  • hear playing: Wedding or child baptism, - means participation in a serious solemnity,
  • hymns hear intonating: Signs for lasting friendship and a good luck foundation,
  • organ builder: promises good news.


  • see: a small family party,
  • play: you will be able to use your art.
(See also music, music instruments, church)

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