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Organist (organ player)

In general:

An organist as a vision is that part Himself which knows how he can use the different oscillations of which the person exists. If the dreaming is an organist in his dream, he knows, that the marks which he plays, like must fit in an orchestra harmoniously. However, this requires practise, concentration and not least the control of the instrument.


It is a learnt ability if himself a person can express successfully. The organist represents the part Himself which is ready, disciplines and resolved to work on a thing, so that one can hear him well, as well as listen to him.


At the spiritual level the organist stands in the dream for higher Himself.


(European ones).:

  • see: stands for the inconveniences which a premature friend causes,
  • this means
  • Holding to itself a young woman for an organist, that she exaggerates the love, so that her lover threatens to leave them.

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