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Oranges (fruit)

In general:

Orange it was explained with the colours. The fruit can embody sexual needs. Often she also asks to act more for the preservation of the health, to file injurious habits. Old-Indian dream books interpret the purchase of oranges as a fulfilment in a love relationship.


Orange is the compound colour from Yellow and Red and is an especially strong signal for activity. In the dream they are almost always an erotic symbol for the female breast.



  • several see: become sickly (jaundice
?), -
  • see one: if a passionate relationship does not give notice in from continuance is,
  • pick: you have a nice experience,
  • shop: your love is unsteady,
  • give: tender love is at hand,
  • peel: you get a bitter medicine to swallow.
  • eat: Signs of answered love, - also: one says you a disagreeable truth.


  • you is a herald of a short, but unforgettable erotic meeting. They should enjoy the passionate respect, but also from the occurrence try to learn. The sign stands for life - affirmation and - pleasure.

(European ones).:

  • as a sexual symbol to understand,
  • see orange blossom: in the thought one deals with a marriage,
  • see: if joys and other bodily pleasures announce in moderate lives, - otherwise they are valid as a warning and advise to take care more of own health,
  • eat: a healthwise good or better time lies before one, - the dear feelings are soon answered, - also: in the circle of friends illnesses will appear which prepare for a big worry, - young women possibly lose her lover,
  • an orange peel: forecasts the death of a member,
  • a man buys
  • by request of his wife the oranges which she eats: points to financial setbacks for both,
  • If a young woman a highly hanging orange sees, she should go forward with the choice of her bridegroom very much deliberately,


  • shop: your love will be answered,
  • pick: in the distance the luck,
  • blossoms to you
  • see: you have lovesickness,
  • in the tree: Lovesickness,
  • eat: your hopes come true.
(See also colours,' fruits ',' fruit')

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