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One has the best view of a high mountain, a tower or another high building. They mostly offer a better overview about the development of the next time from a higher vantage point, - the exact meaning depends on what one perceives, besides, as for example:
  • clear view promises a favourable trend of the next future.
  • wide view in a nice scenery can promise more life luck and forthcoming great success.
  • Being the view shifted, would be to be asked whether we still have the right overview in the awake life.
  • clouding
  • Being the view by fog or smoke, one must often calculate on problems and failures in the next time.
  • Looking one from above at other people, so would let this good view with one looking down at that which achieve less success, on an arrogance which one should file immediately indicate.



  • far and makes clear have: happy future,
  • nice and widens: Luck, prosperity,
  • limited: unsafe future, various obstacles,
  • cloudily: sad experiences.

(European ones).:

  • in general: the view is mostly the symbol of the close future, - between clarity and fog sways the good one and the bad future,
  • enjoy, if they nicely, far and clearly: Luck and prosperity, - good harvest and success,
  • from a tower over many mountains and valleys: a bigger trip approaches,
  • if she is bad and unclear, also boringly cloudily by fog and smoke: there will be big incommodities.
(See also summit)

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