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Association: - Prophecy, - ambiguity, - riddle. Question: - What becomes clear to me slowly? Which riddle can I solve?

In general:

Many people would like to know with pleasure what brings the future for them and how they should act. If a dream of an oracle acts, this connects the dreaming with the part of itself which knows which steps must be done as the next. In the dream the oracle can often appear as a dream figure, possibly as a goddess or as old wise men. It can also be that the dreaming uses one of many known prediction systems in his dream.


The need for knowledge is very big, and it is to suppose that an oracle disposes of more information than the dreaming. Often it is necessary to decipher the messages of the oracle. The dreaming sometimes understands them also only, after the awake state has thought about it.


At this level the oracle stands in the dream for prophecy and concealed knowledge.



  • you must act, the time of the waiting is past,
  • confer with: you must act at its own discretion.


  • an oracle in the dream is an urgent admonition to think through in itself hineinzuhorchen and his behaviour on the new one. They should be more watchful and pay attention above all not to join to disingenuous friends. They find many questions in themselves which need of an exact and well-thought-out answer. (Man

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