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Association: - pretend to be dead. Question: - What threatens me? Where am I ready to awake to the life?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Trick artist, - dishonestly, - transformation, - rebirth, - ability to pretend to be dead. Description: The opossum or more exactly the Virginische meant here opossum or the north opossum sleeps in his tail hung up in trees and counts in the survival fight in particular on his ability, pretend to be dead. It can separate even the typical smell of putrefaction and persuade in this manner an opponent that there is no more reason to attack. The opossum is a solitary night animal. If it feels threatened, it solidifies as it were to the lifelessness and unlocks, besides, his mouth sometimes far to impress the potential predator by the sight of his teeth. General meaning: Transformation, - rebirth, - to be brought with a trick, to think about the death, - the part of you which will be dishonest to protect you. Association: - Transcendent meaning: Basic transformation of your spiritual nature, - help to understand close death experiences. (See also animals)

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