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In general:

In the dream the things on which he has no influence often happen to the person. With it the dreaming is a victim in the sense, as that he is passive in the situation or powerless. Sometimes he recognises that he does not treat another person correctly, - he makes this the victim of his own internal aggression and also does not handle with himself in the real life properly. Victim (victim) asks to give up intentions and aims.


In myths, fairy tales and religions the victim stands as a present in return for the gifts of the nature. In the opinion of the people it required of a balance. This meaning can also have the dream victim. Nevertheless, often it is also to be given up a tip to the dreaming certain habits or relations. The victim is in the dream, however, always a warning symbol. The victim in the dream leans mythologically upon the sacrificial cult of the antiquity. Today it symbolises for the awake life that one would have to make sacrifice to stand there flawlessly before his environment. Maybe one should also leave behind a bad habit on the sacrificial altar to be able to exist before himself. If the dreaming creates constantly situations from which he arises as a loser, this is expressed in his dreams and can accept, besides, also dramatic forms - as for example those of the theft, the rape or murder-. Besides, it does not concern clairvoyant's broad dreams, as long as the dreaming does not recognise an ability in it to come along to the victim. Where his difficulties lie, reveals itself, perhaps, by the dream contents. In this connection is important what is sacrificed in the dream, because from it other interpretation possibilities disclose.


It is a good portent if one sees how others are sacrificed, - it means that all plans have already come at a happy end because the victim is a symbol of the fulfilment. It dreamt one, he brings forward his woman like a sacrificial animal and kills them, cuts her meat in pieces, it sells and earns with it a considerable profit. It further dreamt to him, he feels joy at it and tries to hide the taken money from fear with the envy of the bystanders. This man coupled his own woman and denied his living with the dirty business. This was for him though a good source of income, however, might come under no circumstances to the light of the public. It promised one to the Asklepios, he will sacrifice a cock to him, if he came without illness by the year. One day later he promised again to the Asklepios, he will sacrifice the second cock to him, if he got no Triefaugen. And at night he dreamt, Asklepios says him: 'A cock is enough for me.' Though the man remained spared from other illnesses, however, became hard triefäugig, - then the God had in a vow enough and refused the other request to him. It dreamt somebody that one says him: 'Make to the Asklepios a sacrifice!' On the next day a bad misfortune met him, - he became from a carriage which fell down, besides, heruntergeschleudert and broke the right hand, - and it was this what indicated the dream face to him, he must take in eight and offer evil refusing victims to the God.


If the dreaming suppresses his ability to develop his spiritual potential, he takes over in his dreams the role of the victim - to which he comes along.



  • can be brought: to themselves by unreasonable demands enemies create,
  • must bring: one tries to use you or asks from other too much,
  • give: you are stingy and make to yourself enemies,
  • bring with pleasure for others: one will be recompensed for a good action richly,
  • become one: you do not treat certain people in the real life correctly.

(European ones).:

  • bring: you will find reward for a good action, - one will be liked, - also: a new friend find,
  • one must bring: either one asks too much from one, or one himself demands too much of himself,
  • see: you are stonyhearted against yours,
  • fall victim to a bad plan: one is knocked down by enemies and is overcome, - also the family relations are strained,
  • other make the victim: one will gather wealth with dishonourable means and prefer unlawful connections,
  • to the worry of the companions


  • bring: you will receive an invitation.
(See also amputation, wedding, operation)

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