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Association: - Work on the healing. Question: - Which part of me can to let go well it?

In general:

For nobody an operation in the hospital is a pleasant image, and, hence, mostly it is also connected with fear. In the dream this can mean on the one hand that the dreaming recognises his fears of illnesses and pains, on the other hand however also that he must undergo a healing process. Operation indicates a serious incision in the life which originates from internal change, - often this asks to give up unsuitable internal positions, even if this is at first painful.


Here it concerns an intervention in our soul household. Who is operated in the dream or watches by the operation more different, should change his life style in drastic manner, so that his mental balance can be restored. Dream operations only sometimes indicate psychic disturbances. If the dreaming is operated, he tries to get closer to an internal knowledge, nevertheless, fear of the result has. If the dreaming carries out an operation, this is called that he knows around his skill in everyday situations. The body parts on which is operated in the dream provide more exact information. A heart operation is a tip for a disturbance in the emotional area. Must be operated on the leg, this picture refers to the life setting of the dreaming which does not help him. A gastric operation points to "not 'digested" problems.


At the spiritual level the operation in the dream means healing.



  • look at one with: you will find out sad things, - also: you should question your doctor,
  • are operated: a heavy misfortune becomes or could meet you if you are not especially careful in the next time.

(European ones).:

  • courage and devotion to overcome a grief, - to understand every now and then as a warning dream - the up to now walked life is not adequate, - a forcible, painful intervention is to be expected,
  • are present at one: points to sad relations or a heavy stroke of fate, - also: Signs for unexpected news,
  • suffer one in itself: if help promises by others from a need or distress, - also: an obstacle stands to one in the way. If the operation occurs smoothly, one will remove the obstacle successfully. If there are complications, it will become difficultly for one to come to the set goal.


  • see: you become ill, - means sickbed,
  • become: you will find healing.
(See also doctor, amputation, hospital, anaesthesia, injury)

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