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In general:

In the coach one is a guest under many. These can be the part personalities which put out us: these can be that on the object step which participate anyhow in our life journey with, and with their small 'town trip' we are present, are in such dreams - seldom it important dreams - one looks who goes, and does not overlook the fact where the vehicle holds. It concerns with these dreams mostly the collective experience. Therefore, some loner of the life must stand in the dream in a congested tramcar or he becomes in a coach gepfercht. Since, among the rest, we have very usual, but generally binding aims. The dream journey by the coach indicates the satisfaction of a person with his environment, but also shyness in old views. If, however, one dreams of having gone with it in a wrong direction, it concludes by lacking energy.


The coach symbolises like the car and the motorcycle a progress on the life. However, the coach is different than the car rather a picture for the community to connecting elements. He can express in the dream the relation of the dreaming to his people in the private as well as professional area. Because he can carry many passengers, he registers that one is able to achieve a worthwhile aim only in the community with others because one simply does not raise enough strength as single. The dreamer wants to make progress by force. However, so much ambition is not apparently especially good for his psychic whole constitution. Less power and for it more perseverance would be more advantageous. One can manage his rise anyhow not alone, but only under cooperation more different. Importantly for the dream interpretation are the state of the coach, the course of the journey and the feeling of the dreaming meanwhile.



  • go: you will go on a trip,
  • see: you are tired and should rest once.

(European ones).:

  • for man: one wants to make progress by force and ambition professionally,
  • with him go: you should deal more with your person, - every other passenger can represent an obstacle, a difficulty which has to do being overcome, above all if, besides, one does not feel fine - or they stand for those friends who stand to one, - also: if satisfaction registers, but one persisted still too much on old views,
  • only
  • go in one: means a lack of good friends,
  • go in the wrong direction: one secludes himself from the environment too much.


  • with him go: your lack of energy hinders your progress,
  • see: slow, but sure progress.
(See also car,